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Jun 18, 2013 6:30pm PDT
be achieved through diplomacy. >> talk on the global economy were less contentious. the g8 leaders say it is in better shape than last year but still needs growth. there is also agreement on working to put attacks havens out of business. they pledged more transparency to curtail tax evasion and avoidance worldwide. >> taxation is one of the big issues where the g-8 says they made progress today. >> tax evasion and avoidance were under discussion. invasion is illegal, avoidance is not, but sometimes the line between between them can be hard to draw. >> they are under fire for breaking the rules or pushing them to the limits. they want to make practices harder and tax havens from the caribbean to the heart of europe. click the picturesque villages technically in austria, but the only road in his from germany. there have never been border controls here making it easy to hide german money in the neighboring country with lower tax rates. >> there are about 4 billion euro in three banks here. more than 99% of the money comes from germany, most of it probably undeclared. clicks tax evasion ha
Jun 20, 2013 6:30pm PDT
. this is a mainly shiite area. alms have been going off every day ahead of the elections. while the economy and iraq's kurdish north is booming, there is still no reliable power supply in baghdad. tangled cables apply electricity. he sewage system is ruined and streets and houses are in dire need of repair. that would mean work if it were for the -- if there went out for the constant violence. >> every time a device explodes, it takes work away from us for a week or two. no one comes to buy supplies. i have a family to feed. lex in the first round of provincial elections, the alliance prevailed, but it garnered fewer votes than the previous poll. there was voting in sunni regions that do discriminate against by the government, but many say it's not even about the sectarian conflict. it's just feuding politicians. >> i hope the elections bring change. there are no jobs. there's no electricity. i hope it gets better. >> at iraqi society is hobbled. although the people of iraq were able to cast ballots on thursday, they are not optimistic. >> markets have plunged after the u.s. federal reserve chairman
Jun 19, 2013 6:30pm PDT
the u.s. economy get back on track again, but markets do expect a slow and to this money flooding, and bernanke could give an important hint. the market went up and down, and the dax closed lightly lower. >> let's take a look at wednesday's numbers. the dax was down by nearly .4% at 8190 seven. the euro stoxx 50 also lower, down by more than .6 %%. the dow trading lower by nearly a full percent. looks like the losses are getting lower. the fed chair has been speaking, and he said the federal reserve could begin tapering its bond purchases and could end its program next year of economic growth remains strong. bad news for the markets there. investors do not like that, and the euro trading at this dollar at a value of $ 1.3273. >> will be back after the break. >> welcome back. returning to our top story in berlin this evening where security for president barack obama's visit is unprecedented. some have described it as berlin on lockdown, especially those people living in the downtown areas where they have to cooperate with the top security in operation there. >> they include having
Jun 21, 2013 6:30pm PDT
been holding back from pumping money into the economy lately, worried about the risk of accumulating bad bets. onto markets, and european stock exchanges dropped for the fourth day in a row on friday, locking in the biggest weekly decline in 13 months. our correspondent sent us this trading -- the summary of the trading action on the frankfurt stock exchange. >> ee you is coming forth with the bank union. this was the only good news for traders. it is a very important project, they said, but besides these plans, the trading day was very weak. german stocks made only a brief move toward recovery after yesterday's selloff. the fed's announcement to reduce stimulus disappointed traders, and in addition, they also worried about the situation in the chinese banking sector. the week ended all in all with heavy losses. >> we stay in frankfurt for a closer look at the friday numbers. the dax was off i -- look at that -- 1.76%. also lower across the atlantic on the dow, which is trading up at this hour. the euro trading at a value of $ 1.31 51. briefly in sports, formula one racing team merce
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)